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Way ahead - RoadCloud

Our Offer

Way ahead - RoadCloud

Our Offer

Providing road information that matters - way ahead

With dedicated hardware installed into carefully selected fleets of vehicles, we collect data that matters. The data is refined into information products providing unique opportunities for our customers and fleet partners.

Working on autonomous driving, road maintenance or traffic information systems? See how you can benefit from our services!


For Autonomous Driving

Working towards self-driving cars? Want to improve performance of existing active safety systems with road friction estimation? When RoadCloud friction estimate is integrated into a collisions mitigation system such as AEB, the crash energy decreases up to 80% on icy road. In addition to friction estimate, we can also provide other valuable information for connected cars. We plan to provide our service on dedicated winter climate proving grounds. Contact us to arrange an evaluation!

For Traffic Information Systems

We know travel times, rush hour hotspots and effect of unforeseen disturbance on arrival times. We collect highly valuable information for navigation, travel planning and traffic information systems. Contact us to see how our information can help your solution.

For Winter Road Maintenance

Winter is harsh not only for the road network and its users but also for the road keepers. Distributing maintenance such as de-icing and snow removal to where it is needed can be a challenging task with limited resources. Real-time information from the road, collected at the time when the decisions are made helps this task considerably resulting in cost savings and improved safety. Contact us for a demonstration.

For Summer Road Maintenance

Vehicle data collected from the fleets gives a realistic feedback how the road affects the vehicles and thus the road users. Planning for the road repairing can be improved with sophisticated information collected throughout the year. Instant maintenance can be distributed quickly and efficiently with the help of real-time road network monitoring.

For Your Commercial Fleet

We believe that future mobility and efficient transportation is cloud-based and networked. Contact us to find out how your commercial fleet can benefit from our unique services beyond traditional fleet tracking.