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Way ahead - RoadCloud


New White Paper - Connected Car Data: Improving Autonomous Vehicle Safety at All Levels

As the level of autonomy in vehicles increases, responsibility for detection and response to dangerous road conditions shifts from the driver towards the manufacturer. How can OEMs accurately predict the state of the road behind the next bend?

The white paper sets the scene for the importance of Road Friction Estimates in ensuring that autonomous vehicles are able to drive safely in all road conditions. It explains the 'State of Play: SAE Level 0 - Level 2' we look at how Road Friction Estimates are essential in helping both drivers and safety assistance systems react better to hazardous road conditions at current automation levels. In the white paper, we take a look at the future of autonomous driving and how connected vehicle information plays a key role in ensuring robot-cars behave safely under all circumstances.

Download the white paper here:


For further information contact:

Ari Tuononen
+358 50 560 4702 


RoadCloud Awarded with an Extension to Contract with Sweden’s Trafikverket

RoadCloud has been awarded a one-year extension to its data supply contract with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). Worth around SEK3.1 million, the extension was an option in the two-year contract signed by the parties in 2018.

RoadCloud has provided road surface friction data to Trafikverket in the Enköping, Gothenburg, Landvetter and Västerås areas, focusing particularly on highways. Trafikverket has used the data in a pilot project launched to improve the planning and execution of road maintenance efforts in Sweden. Its Swedish-language article on the topic can be found from comments.

Especially the Gothenburg area is attracting interest as an emerging vehicle data ecosystem.

The data is collected with a special friction measurement system developed by RoadCloud. Utilising optical sensors and data from the controlled area network (CAN) buses of vehicles, the system has been installed in buses, taxis, cargo transport vehicles and other commercial vehicles operating in the areas.

The entire fleet conducts friction measurements on approx. 75,000km of road surface a day. A demonstration of what kind of data the measurement system collects can be found from comments. 


For further information contact:

Ari Tuononen
+358 50 560 4702



RoadCloud at MOVE 2020 in London


London Mobility 

MOVE 2020, held over two days in London’s ExCel Center on Feb 11-12, is one of the biggest events aimed at re-imagining mobility. MOVE brings together disruptors, their technology and their attitude with stakeholders across all modes and disciplines: over 5,000 participants and hundreds of speakers will create new insights and promote collaboration in fields such as Smart Mobility, Data and Tech.

RoadCloud will be both be exhibiting and speaking at this year’s MOVE event. You can visit us in the Startup Area at stand No. S.44 to explore how RoadCloud data can help OEMs, cities and the road maintenance industry get smarter about road weather and road conditions.

 Josh Speaking at MOVE

On day 2 of the event, RoadCloud's Josh Wert will be presenting how to use connected vehicle data in ADAS and AV systems, explaining how real-time hyperlocal data can be used to boost innovation at all SAE automation levels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how RoadCloud’s connected car technology and real-time road weather data will help disrupt road mobility. Looking forward to seeing you at MOVE!





New White Paper on Data-Driven Winter Road Maintenance

WRM BannerEspoo, Finland, Jan. 20, 2020 -  RoadCloud today released a white paper for the road maintenance industry entitled ‘A Data-Driven Road to Safer, Greener and More Efficient Winter Road Maintenance’. The document describes how hyperlocal, real-time data can help reduce the number of unwarranted salting calls and dynamically route winter service vehicles to reduce both cost and environmental impact.

Decisions about when and where to de-ice road networks are often based on incomplete or inaccurate data. This leads to unwarranted salting runs, which are both costly and have an unnecessary impact on the environment. By providing decision makers and winter maintenance contractors with comprehensive road weather data for their service area, winter road maintenance activities can be specifically targeted at areas where they will make the biggest impact, increasing their efficiency and the overall road safety.

The white paper addresses the shortcomings of the data underlying current decision-making processes and the impact in terms of cost and safety. It argues why fleet-sourced data can provide the road maintenance industry with more comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information that can be used to both route salt spreaders dynamically and alert road users about slippery roads in real-time.

RoadCloud provides real-time, comprehensive and hyper-local road quality and road weather data. By equipping commercial fleets of vehicles with high-fidelity sensors, RoadCloud is able to continuously collect high quality data on the state of the entire road network. The measurements are fused measurements with in-car sensor data and machine-learning is applied to calculate premium data sets, such as road friction, in real-time. During a pilot study in the Nordics, local road contractors were able to reduce the cost of winter road maintenance by 20%.

The white paper can be downloaded here:


For more information please contact:

Patrick Kuster

Sales Director

RoadCloud Oy

+358 40 840 7788

EIC SME Phase 1 Grant

RoadCloud Oy receives a highly competitive EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 grant of 50.000 €. The European Commission awarded grant falls under EU’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020 which targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The grant is part of the Horizon 2020 work programme of 2018-2020 and it’s directed towards high potential innovations and the brightest innovators with ground-breaking ideas.

RoadCloud’s distinct Connected Car (CC) data platform innovation will improve traffic safety, reduce traffic jams, improve efficiency and reduce pollution for CC data ecosystems. The innovation expedites the introduction of MaaS (Mobility-as-a-service) by providing value from the fleets. The main market of the service is directed to is B2B and the aim is to sell data for road owners, road maintenance companies and companies dealing with traffic information systems. RoadCloud’s service provides e.g. up to date road condition information, icy road alerts and road weather data which are highly valuable and increasing in importance in the development of autonomous driving.

The grant enables further research on locations where RoadCloud can start piloting the service. RoadCloud’s plan is to do market research on various locations in Central Europe in order for RoadCloud to determine where the need for such service is high. RoadCloud wants to act as a data platform between vehicle owners and CC data utilisers.

The grant will boost company growth and further development of the technology. RoadCloud is getting ready to apply for Phase 2 of the same grant which is even more sought after by companies all across Europe as it varies from 50.000 to 2.5 million € depending on the innovation.

“We are very pleased to receive the SME Instrument grant which will expedite our growth even further”, says Dr. Ari Tuononen, CEO of RoadCloud. “The project will help us reach our goal of anonymised vehicle data becoming widely and easily available”.

Contact information:
Ari Tuononen
+358 50 560 4702