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Way ahead - RoadCloud


Way ahead - RoadCloud

RoadCloud Fleet Partners

Contributing to road maintenance and traffic safety

Well maintained roads make the traffic smoother, driving less stressful and trips more predictable. This is important for all of us but especially for professional road users. By becoming a RoadCloud fleet partner you can now provide your contribution to the road maintenance without any additional cost or burden.

Reasons to become a fleet partner

Better roads

More efficient road maintenance adds safety and increases throughput.


Better optimized road maintenance saves resources.

Cost savings

Better optimized road maintenance saves tax payers money.

Positive PR

Let your customers know you are driving for better roads

Fleet tracking

As a RoadCloud fleet partner you get access to the location of your vehicles

Flexible collaboration

Installations are arranged and provided by RoadCloud to best suit your operation

Airport Taxi in Helsinki

RoadCloud fleet partners are professional vehicle operators like taxi, bus or freight transport companies who have their fleet equipped with the RoadCloud measurement system. One of the RoadCloud fleet partners is Helsinki Airport Taxi operating from the Helsinki airport with roughly a million taxi departures annually. The company has been in operation since 1952.

"We are proud to be participating in something that will improve the life of road users and eventually save tax payers money", says Veli-Matti Autio from Helsinki Airport Taxi.